Business Scope:
Our trading activities including the manufacturing of a wide range of merchandise from mainland China which we then distribute to Europe, South & Central America and the U.S.
We have our own warehouse and import distribution network in the U.S. and U. K. and Spain.
In other parts of the world we have created strategic partnerships with well-established firms that distribute and sell our products for us in countries like Venezuela and Mexico.
Buying Agent:
We act as buying agents for various well established importers, retails outlets and private labels brands in the U. S., Europe, South & Central America.
Many of our products are sold or supplied to retails stores, well known importers and established brand names.
Manufacturers Representative
We represent thousands of factories in China helping them to market and distribute their products to all parts of the world.
With our established contacts in mainland China we are able to locate, find and source many different kinds of Consumer and Industrial Products:
·         Camping & Sporting Goods
·         Computer Accessories
·         Clocks & Watches
·         Christmas Items & Decorations
·         Electrical Appliances & Electronics
·         Furniture & Lighting
·         Fashion Accessories & Jewellery
·         Garments & Fashion Accessories
·         Gifts & Stationery
·         Handbags, Luggage & Travel Goods
·         Hospitality & Catering Supplies
·         House wares & Household Products
·         Lingerie & Underwear
·         Plastic & PVC Products
·         Toys & Games
·         Telephone Accessories & Products
·         Automotive Accessories & Parts
·         Agriculture & Construction Machinery
·         Building & Construction Materials
·         Carpets
·         Chemical Products
·         Mineral, Metallurgical Products & Non-Ferrous Metals
·         Machinery, Apparatus, Equipments
·         Small Vehicles & Spare Parts
·         Tools & Farming Implements
·         Hardware
·         Motorcycles & Motorcycles Parts
·         Information Technology Products
·         Textiles, Raw Textiles Yarn
·         Foodstuffs, Tea, Cereals & oils
·         Furs, Leather, Downs & Downs Products
·         Medicines, Health Products, Hospital Equipments
·         Horticultural Products & Stone Carvings

Business Scope :

- Distributoion : - Buying Agent
- Manufacturers Representative
- Product Sourcing
- Factory Inspect
- Following Order and Commodities Inspection
- Booking Container & Customs Declaration
- Warehousing
- Container Loading
- International Logistics
Customs Inspection
Import & export
Guangzhou Interprete