With close to 30 years experience in China and vast network of contacts and connections in China we are able to provide a complete package to the buyer.
With thousands of factories in our Data Base we will always compare prices and be able to offer very competitive pricing by checking prices with many factories to make sure you get the lowest price.
We have many staff stationed in China and with the ability to speak all the main Chinese dialects and languages we can negotiate the best price for you
With our quality control inspectors based in China we will make sure that all products supplied will be according to the specification as per our contractual obligations and as per what the buyer/client has ordered within the limits of the allowable tolerances. No product is supplied without the quality being checked. Should the product not meet the specified requirements the goods will not be shipped and the factories will not be paid.
We closely monitor the factories via daily communication by our qualified merchandisers and controllers to make sure the goods are shipped as per the specified time. Should there be delays we will inform you in advance so you have a choice as to whether to accept the delay or not.
Documentation, Shipment and Transportation£º
We will coordinate all shipments to make sure all transportation links and logistics are coordinated so that all containers meet the vessel scheduled closing times and the trucks and transportation vehicles all make their relevant connections.
All inland Chinese documentation including passes, certificates, licences are arranged so there is no hold up in China and so that shipments and transportation go smoothly.
Also, we will discuss with you in advance all your required documentation that you will require for your goods to be imported and we will make sure these are prepared so that when goods arrive there are a minimum of customs delays and that goods are cleared quickly.

Business Scope :

- Distributoion : - Buying Agent
- Manufacturers Representative
- Product Sourcing
- Factory Inspect
- Following Order and Commodities Inspection
- Booking Container & Customs Declaration
- Warehousing
- Container Loading
- International Logistics
Customs Inspection
Import & export
Guangzhou Interprete