How to get a good price from China market?

How to get a good price from China market? Despite the fact that most of the prices in China market are already cheap cheap, people are still keen on the answers to this question.

All right, here are a few tips:

#1 Find a reliable and professional China market sourcing agent.
There are many China agent in China China. You should find a reliable and professional China market sourcing agent.

A experienced agent knows which shop is best, cheaper price and better quality.

A reliable agent will not get kickbaks and the commission is affordable. You need not pay high to 10% ~ 30% commission. What is reasonable? 1% ~ 5%. >>China Agent Commission

#2 Buy bulky to get a better price from China market.
You can always have better prices if you can buy bulky from China market. For example, one container of straws, then you may get a 3% discount off. If you just buy a few cartons, there would be very limited space for bargain.
So try to buy bulky to have a better discount.

#3 Pay off the balance while collecting your orders.
Many suppliers are willing to offer a slight discount if you can pay off the balance upon goods delivery, so they don't need to keep a big cash flow.
Now this method doesn't work so well because of the financial crisis. Most suppliers now ONLY "grab cash" as they say.

#4 Compare to get the lowest price form China market
This is a huge market for zillions of products. Suppliers are competing to keep the price within a reasonable range. So it is always a good idea to compare if you have enough time. I'm sure you can always have a better price if you compare 10+ shops for one same product.

Hope these few tips can help you get a good price from China market. I'll keep posting more tips about how to get the best price from China market here as time goes by.